About Us

 Kalpak Electrotech offers wide spectrum of products in power electronics and industrial displays. Our proficiency is in power energy converter technology within power range of few watts to 30kW. We provide solutions for industries and we respond quickly and professionally. We apply newest circuit topologies and our design process is well structured and efficient. We provide power supplies of high technical performance while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Customer-specific power solutions are maintained under strict review and are clearly defined by their specifications and assembly drawings. Close attention is paid to the designing a product fit for the purpose, ensuring conformance to the relevant industry and safety standards as well as conformance to EMI, EMC and harmonic distortion levels.

Kalpak Electrotech is professional supplier for tailor-made Industrial grade small and medium sized LCDs and industrial TFTs. Our goal is to provide “competitive price”, “highest quality” and “in-time services”. We offer tailor-made LCDs in the best and affordable way to the customers. We provide industrial backlights with high brightness and the customization provides the variety of options in size, colours, brightness etc.